PCI Express® bridge to parallel port


Part of PLX's Expresso family of high performance PCI Express® devices, the OXPCIe840 provides a single chip parallel port device for PCI Express® based applications. Incorporating PLX's high performance parallel port technology, it combines outstanding system performance with unrivalled flexibility for a class leading connectivity solution.

Complete with Oxide development tools, the OXPCIe840 is easy to design-in and the ideal connectivity solution for a diverse range of products requiring parallel port expansion including: PC Add-on Cards, Industrial PC, Point of Sale Terminals, Industrial Control, and Embedded Systems.

Accelerate your product development and time to market with Oxide and PLX's easy to design-in, high performance connectivity solutions that just work.

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OXPCIe840 Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Product Brief Download     Product Overview 1.2 07/08
Data Book   Download   Detailed Technical Specifications -- 15Apr09
Design Notes   Download   Hardware Design Checklist 1.0 03/10
  Download   OXPCIe840 Test Report -- 28Apr09
  Download   PHY Test and Jitter Analysis -- 28Apr09
Application Notes   Download   Configuring the PCI Express Device Serial Number for Expresso Devices -- 15Apr09
  Download   Expresso Family Software Guide -- 04Aug11
  Download   Functional Differences between PCI Express Form Factors -- 15Apr09
  Download   Incompatibility between Legacy Base Addresses & PCI Express® Devices -- 15Apr09
  Download   Interfaces & Line Drivers For Standard Serial & Parallel Applications -- 15Apr09
  Download   Layout Guidelines -- 15Apr09
  Download   PCI Express® GPIO Device Driver User Guide -- 28Apr09
  Download   Power Management Guidelines -- 15Apr09
End of Life   Download   PDN-2010-3: Product Discontinuation Notice -- 27Sep10
Ordering Information View HTML     Part Number, Listing and Compliance -- --
Quality & Reliability   Download   Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH/RoHS -- 28June12
  Download   Certificate of Compliance, REACH 151, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Mar14
  Download   FIT Rate Reliability Monitor- Test Report (Quarterly) -- Q2 2014

OXPCIe840 Development Tools

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Rapid Development Kit (RDK)   Download   Evaluation Board Getting Started Guide -- 28Apr09
  Download   Evaluation Board User Guide -- 28Apr09
Software Development Kit (SDK)   View HTML   Software Development Kit -- --
IBIS Models   Download   IBIS Models -- 08/09
Device Drivers   Download   CE Device Drivers -- 08/09
  Download   Linux Device Drivers -- 08/09
  Download   Windows Device Drivers -- 08/09
Evaluation Support   Download   Evaluation Board: Add-in Card -- 08/09
  Download   Software Support -- 08/09